Action, Criticism and Theory for Music Education 2/2019

Introduzione al Volume 18 Numero 2 di Action, Criticism and Theory for Music Education

Il numero 2/2019 di ACT (Action, Criticism and Theory for Music Education), pubblicato nel luglio scorso, è incentrato su temi relativi alla ricerca qualitativa in Educazione Musicale e in particolare a quei metodi definiti in inglese come Art Based Educational Research (ABER) e Creative AnaliticalPractices (CAP).

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Action, Criticism & Theory for Music EducationIssue 18.2-July 2019

Peter Gouzouasis, Guest Editor
Vincent C. Bates, Editor
Brent C. Talbot, Associate Editor

Peter Gouzouasis, Guest Editor

What are ABER and CAP?

IoannaEtmektsoglou, Kiki Kerzeli, & Katerina Vlachoutsou

Guitar Express: Accompanied “Songs of Deserts” as Oases in Life-long Memory Journeys

Louise Godwin

The Sound of My Voice: Self-Revelation Through Autoethnography

Christopher Wiley

Autoethnography, Autobiography, and Creative Art as Academic Research in Music Studies: A Fugal Ethnodrama

Colleen Sears

“Anything Essential is Invisible to the Eyes”: A Meditation on Love, Loss, and the Deeper Hearted Case for Music Education

Te OtiRakena

Tears of the Collective: Healing Historical Trauma through Community Arts

Lucy Hollingworth

String Quartet as Autoethnography: The Writing of Out of the Snowstorm, an Owl (2014–17)

Guadalupe López--Íñiguez

Epiphonies of Motivation and Emotion Throughout the Life of a Cellist

Margaret O'Sullivan

I played for my father

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